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Custom Furniture and Finishes

Our Process for Creating Custom Furniture

  1. We can create a design based on your ideas and work with you to achieve the best solution for your needs. We provide a sketch or a 3D model with dimensions and design features for your approval. You can also use your trusted personal designer or architect and we can execute their design.
  1. When we have finalized a design that you are pleased with, we can discuss the variety of materials we use in fabrication and offer different choices in stains, color and finishing options.

Materials We Use:

We use the highest quality and time tested materials for all our projects.

Types of Woods and Veneers:

For our construction we use the combination of solid wood and high-quality substrate such as Baltic Birch (Finland or Black Forest) and Block Board (Italy).

For the exterior of your piece, we can offer over 100 different varieties of exotic or domestic veneer choices to achieve the appearance you are looking for.

Colors and Stains:

For a more modern look, we can provide you an unlimited palette of colors to choose from in the finishing process.

Imported from Italy, our finishes offer different sheens to match your taste. With a modern spray application, such as Bi-component polyurethane, we achieve the best clear finish on the market. You can choose from matte (flat – no sheen) to high gloss (glass-like finish) and everywhere in between.

Lastly, our master craftsmen can skillfully apply different types of traditional finish like French Polish (shellac). This historic method, done by hand with shellac and our own recipes will achieve a classical appearance. Wax finish and nitrocellulose lacquer are also available to attain a particular luster.

All hardware and components are imported from Europe or are American made. We will guide you through choosing the style and appearance best suited for your piece.


If project requires upholstered pieces, our shop is equipped with full upholstery capabilities. We offer thousands of varieties of fabrics and leathers to choose from. We can upholster any style and design that your piece requires. We offer chair caning service as well.

Our workshop can fabricate frames for couches, loveseats, chairs or any type of furniture design you are interested in building.

From start to finish and every step along the way, we guide you through from design to fabrication to bring your vision to reality.

Other Useful Information:

 Our finishes:

  • Polyurethane
  • Nitrocellulose
  • Shellac (French Polish)
  • Varnish
  • Wax

All our finishes are available in different sheen:

  • Satin luster (rubbing by hand as done in high end pianos)
  • Regular satin
  • High Gloss
  • Distressing

French Polishing

French polishingis often considered an exotic, mysterious, and complicated finishing technique. The process is the same today as it has been for hundreds of years. French Polishing is the name given to the process of coating wood with a solution of shellac dissolved on alcohol, using a (pomacciolo) a pad made from an outer linen cover and an absorbent inner wool core. The alcohol evaporates, leaving the shellac deposited upon the wood. While the correct movement, or action, of the pad is very important to applying this thin, even shellac layer, understanding the affect, use, and interplay of the shellac, alcohol and oil as they are used with the application pad is equally important - maybe even more important - to successful French polishing. Understanding the application pad and how to use it with these simple finishing materials gives the craftsman very direct and immediate control of the finishing process.

When applied correctly it produces what is possibly the finest looking finish for furniture. This method of finishing is labor and skill intensive but the resulting finish can be absolutely incredible - a clear, yet warm and earthy finish that enhances the color and texture of the wood for maximum beauty.Shellac is 100% natural. It is produced by bugs that live in Northeastern India. Shellac is also harvested in Thailand and Sri Lanka. Shellac is 100% non toxic and is FDA approved. Therefore it is widely used in the cosmetic, drug and food industry. It is the only finish that should be used on children's furniture due to its non toxicity! French Polish is suitable for use on all woods.