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Furniture Restoration

Marco's Art of Restoration offer its clientele a uniquely serious and careful range of services.

Before beginning the restoration of any piece, it is studied in depth so that its origin and context can be thoroughly understood. Then, drawing on his extensive knowledge of a vast repertory of historical and modern techniques, Mr. De Lellis selects the particular methodology to be used in the restoration project, taking into account not only the period of the piece but also the type of wood and other materials found in the piece, and the particular processes that were used in its original construction and finishing.

This allows Marco's Art of Restoration to reestablish the original splendor of the piece through appropriate conservation techniques performed strictly by hand, replicating as much as possible the original materials and techniques used in its construction, and typically calling for the use of natural products such as organic glues, beeswax, shellac, and organic die, to preserve as much as possible the precious "patina" that gives value and originality to an antique object. When appropriate, every step of the process is documented in detail to preserve and augment the historical significance of the piece.

Some of the methods of restoration available to the clients of Marco's Art of Restoration include:

* French polish and lacquer finishing (resins, shellac, balsams, pigments)
* Gold and silver leaf gilding
* Spray-finishes such as polyurethane and polyester
* Wood restoration and wood working
* Remaking missing parts and wood consolidation where insect, fungi or atmospheric agents have caused damage
* Veneering, marquetry and intarsia
* Coloring (vegetable dying)
* Encaustic finishing with different waxes
* Carving/restoration of gold/silver gilded or varnished frames (wood or French pastiglia)

* Upholstery and Reupholstery
* Caning
* Tooling ( leather top tables)
* Furniture painting (refinishing in any color)